How to help us?

First of all Thank you! for being on this page and wanting to help :)


Help us by adding images to the species pages.
They don't say for nothing .. an image is worth a thousand words.

Example: Calendula Officinalis

Scientific Data

There are tons of info you can add on a species (or under this rank) page.

Example: Achillea asiatica

Language Data

Do you know plants and their name in your own language (even English)?
Add their common name to our Database.

Example: Acilepis squarrosa


We built a simple tool to gather scientific studies (via PubMed) and link compounds to plants.
To use it please go to a plant of interest and click "Natural Compounds" in the ToC for more details.

Example: Hypericum attenuatum

Spread the word

Let other people know of us by sharing the link to our project :)


Have any ideas or feedback for us? It is always great to hear other people's opinion.

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