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Internal ID UUID644008874b54f097976629
Scientific name Alphitonia zizyphoides
Authority A.Gray
First published in U.S. Expl. Exped., Phan. 1: 278 (1854)

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Scientific name Authority First published in
Rhamnus zizyphoides Biehler Pl. Nov. Herb. Spreng. : 15 (1807)
Pomaderris zizyphoides Hook. & Arn. Bot. Beechey Voy. : 61 (1832)

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  • Pacific
    • South-central Pacific
      • Cook Islands
      • Society Islands
    • Southwestern Pacific
      • Fiji
      • Niue
      • Samoa
      • Tonga
      • Vanuatu
      • Wallis-Futuna Islands

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Database ID/link to page
World Flora Online wfo-0000527332
Tropicos 100286046
INPN 447464
The Plant List kew-2630006
Open Tree Of Life 5749477
NCBI Taxonomy 1502681
IUCN Red List 60760360
IPNI 716637-1
iNaturalist 509483
GBIF 3877300
USDA GRIN 450368
Wikipedia Alphitonia_zizyphoides

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Title Authors Publication Released IDs
Traditional knowledge of medicinal plants on Gau Island, Fiji: differences between sixteen villages with unique characteristics of cultural value Miyamoto K, Ehara H, Thaman R, Veitayaki J, Yoshida T, Kobayashi H J Ethnobiol Ethnomed 11-Oct-2021
Forest Plant and Bird Communities in the Lau Group, Fiji Franklin J, Steadman DW PLoS One 29-Dec-2010
Alphitol, a phenolic substance from Alphitonia zizyphoides which inhibits prostaglandin biosynthesis in vitro. Dunstan C, Liu B, Welch CJ, Perera P, Bohlin L Phytochemistry 01-Jun-1998
Structure elucidation of three triterpenoid saponins from Alphitonia zizyphoides using 2D NMR techniques. Li D, Owen NL, Perera P, Andersson C, Bohlin L, Cox PA, Pugmire RJ, Mayne CL, Grant DM J Nat Prod 01-Feb-1994

Phytochemical Profile Top

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Name PubChem ID Canonical SMILES MW Found in Proof
> Benzenoids / Phenols / Tyrosols and derivatives
Alphitol 10035291 Click to see COC1=C(C=C(C=C1O)CCO)O 184.19 unknown
> Lipids and lipid-like molecules / Prenol lipids / Triterpenoids
9-Hydroxy-5a,5b,8,8,11a-pentamethyl-1-prop-1-en-2-yl-1,2,3,4,5,6,7,7a,9,10,11,11b,12,13,13a,13b-hexadecahydrocyclopenta[a]chrysene-3a-carboxylic acid 2371 Click to see CC(=C)C1CCC2(C1C3CCC4C5(CCC(C(C5CCC4(C3(CC2)C)C)(C)C)O)C)C(=O)O 456.70 unknown
Betulinic Acid 64971 Click to see CC(=C)C1CCC2(C1C3CCC4C5(CCC(C(C5CCC4(C3(CC2)C)C)(C)C)O)C)C(=O)O 456.70 unknown
Zizyphoiside C 190837 Click to see CC1C(C(C(C(O1)OC2C(C(OC(C2O)OC3C(COC(C3O)OC4CCC5(C6CCC7C8C(CC(OC89CC7(C6(CCC5C4(C)C)C)CO9)C=C(C)C)(C)O)C)O)CO)O)O)OC(=O)C)O 955.10 unknown
Zizyphoiside D 190838 Click to see CC1C(C(C(C(O1)OC2C(C(OC(C2O)OC3C(COC(C3O)OC4CCC5(C6CCC7C8C(CC(OC89CC7(C6(CCC5C4(C)C)C)CO9)C=C(C)C)(C)O)C)O)CO)O)OC(=O)C)O)O 955.10 unknown
Zizyphoiside E 190839 Click to see CC1C(C(C(C(O1)OC2C(C(OC(C2O)OC3C(COC(C3O)OC4CCC5(C6CCC7C8C(CC(OC89CC7(C6(CCC5C4(C)C)C)CO9)C=C(C)C)(C)O)C)O)CO)O)O)O)OC(=O)C 955.10 unknown
> Organic oxygen compounds / Organooxygen compounds / Alcohols and polyols / Primary alcohols
5-(2-hydroxyethyl)-2-methoxycyclohexa-1,3,4-triene-1,3-diol 133683206 Click to see COC1=C(CC(=C=C1O)CCO)O 184.19 unknown

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