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Internal ID UUID64400887324c5106011197
Scientific name Alphitonia whitei
Authority Braid
First published in Bull. Misc. Inform. Kew 1925: 181 (1925)

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Alphitonia whitei, also known as red ash, red almond, or sarsaparilla, is a flowering tree endemic to Queensland, Australia. It can grow up to 20 meters tall and is found in a variety of habitats, from near the coast to 1,200 meters above sea level. The leaves emit a sarsaparilla or liniment scent when broken and have large stipules that fall off as the leaves mature. The tree produces small cream to pale green flowers from September to November, followed by black fruit that is eaten by fig parrots and cassowaries. Its leaves are a food source for several animals, including Lumholtz's tree-kangaroo and green ringtail possum. The tree also produces a useful timber and contains betulinic acid in its leaves, wood, and bark. It was first described in 1932 and is named after botanist C.T. White.

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Database ID/link to page
World Flora Online wfo-0000527330
Tropicos 100286044
The Plant List kew-2630004
Open Tree Of Life 5233311
NCBI Taxonomy 1312768
IUCN Red List 177365043
IPNI 716635-1
iNaturalist 846358
GBIF 3877311
Wikipedia Alphitonia_whitei

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Title Authors Publication Released IDs
The role of big trees and abundant species in driving spatial patterns of species richness in an Australian tropical rainforest Murphy HT, Bradford MG Ecol Evol 20-Sep-2022
Constituents of Alphitonia Species. III. Alphitexolide, a New Triterpene, and Other Extractives G Branch, D Burgess, P Dunstan, L Foo, G Green, JG Mack, E Ritchie, W Taylor CSIRO Publishing 02-Sep-2010
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Degradation of Quercetin and Luteolin by Eubacterium ramulus Braune A, G├╝tschow M, Engst W, Blaut M Appl Environ Microbiol 01-Dec-2001

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Name PubChem ID Canonical SMILES MW Found in Proof
> Lipids and lipid-like molecules / Prenol lipids / Triterpenoids
(1R,3aS,5aS,5bR,9R,10R,11aR)-9,10-dihydroxy-5a,5b,8,8,11a-pentamethyl-1-prop-1-en-2-yl-1,2,3,4,5,6,7,7a,9,10,11,11b,12,13b-tetradecahydrocyclopenta[a]chrysene-3a-carboxylic acid 470606 Click to see CC(=C)C1CCC2(C1C3=CCC4C(C3(CC2)C)(CCC5C4(CC(C(C5(C)C)O)O)C)C)C(=O)O 470.70 unknown
Alphitolic acid 12305768 Click to see CC(=C)C1CCC2(C1C3CCC4C(C3(CC2)C)(CCC5C4(CC(C(C5(C)C)O)O)C)C)C(=O)O 472.70 unknown
Betulin 72326 Click to see CC(=C)C1CCC2(C1C3CCC4C5(CCC(C(C5CCC4(C3(CC2)C)C)(C)C)O)C)CO 442.70 unknown
Betulinic Acid 64971 Click to see CC(=C)C1CCC2(C1C3CCC4C5(CCC(C(C5CCC4(C3(CC2)C)C)(C)C)O)C)C(=O)O 456.70 unknown
> Phenylpropanoids and polyketides / Aurone flavonoids / Auronols
Maesopsin 160803 Click to see C1=CC(=CC=C1CC2(C(=O)C3=C(C=C(C=C3O2)O)O)O)O 288.25 unknown

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