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Internal ID UUID6440353aa4928998006935
Scientific name Bennettiodendron leprosipes
Authority (Clos) Merr.
First published in J. Arnold Arbor. 8: 11 (1927)

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Scientific name Authority First published in
Bennettia leprosipes (Clos) Koord. Proc. Sect. Sci. Kon. Akad. Wetensch. Amsterdam 12: 118 (1909)
Xylosma leprosipes Clos Ann. Sci. Nat., Bot. , sér. 4, 8: 230 (1857)
Myroxylon leprosipes Kuntze Revis. Gen. Pl. 1: 44. 1891 [5 Nov 1891]
Bennettiodendron simaoense G.S.Fan J. SouthW. Forest. Coll. 15(3): 26 1995

Common names Top

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Language Common/alternative name
Chinese 山桂花
Chinese 大叶山桂花
Chinese 冬瓜子
Chinese 披针叶山桂花
Chinese 本勒木

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Varieties (abbr. var.) Top

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Name Authority First published in
Bennettiodendron leprosipes var. ellipticum S.S.Lai Bull. Bot. Res., Harbin 14: 226 (1994)
Bennettiodendron leprosipes var. rugosifolium S.S.Lai Bull. Bot. Res., Harbin 14: 225 (1994)

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Distribution (via POWO/KEW) Top

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- Extinct
- Introduced
- Native
  • Asia-temperate
    • China
      • China South-central
      • China Southeast
      • Hainan
  • Asia-tropical
    • Indian Subcontinent
      • Bangladesh
      • East Himalaya
    • Indo-China
      • Myanmar
      • Thailand
    • Malesia
      • Jawa
      • Sumatera

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Database ID/link to page
World Flora Online wfo-0000921719
Tropicos 50055116
KEW urn:lsid:ipni.org:names:364988-1
The Plant List kew-4673160
Open Tree Of Life 737360
NCBI Taxonomy 179723
IPNI 364988-1
iNaturalist 184654
GBIF 7274161
EOL 2889940

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Title Authors Publication Released IDs
Plant-Derived Toxin Inhibitors as Potential Candidates to Complement Antivenom Treatment in Snakebite Envenomations Adrião AA, dos Santos AO, de Lima EJ, Maciel JB, Paz WH, da Silva FM, Pucca MB, Moura-da-Silva AM, Monteiro WM, Sartim MA, Koolen HH Front Immunol 09-May-2022
Frequent ploidy changes in Salicaceae indicates widespread sharing of the salicoid whole genome duplication by the relatives of Populus L. and Salix L. Zhang ZS, Zeng QY, Liu YJ BMC Plant Biol 13-Nov-2021
Complete plastome sequence of Flueggea virosa (Roxburgh ex Willdenow) Voigt (Phyllanthaceae): a medicinal plant Wang HT, Wang HX, Zhu ZX, Wang HF Mitochondrial DNA B Resour 06-Jul-2020
Intergeneric Relationships within the Family Salicaceae s.l. Based on Plastid Phylogenomics Li MM, Wang DY, Zhang L, Kang MH, Lu ZQ, Zhu RB, Mao XX, Xi ZX, Ma T Int J Mol Sci 02-Aug-2019
Managing Carbon Sinks in Rubber (Hevea brasilensis) Plantation by Changing Rotation length in SW China Nizami SM, Yiping Z, Liqing S, Zhao W, Zhang X PLoS One 23-Dec-2014

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