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Internal ID UUID6440085d795e4286131431
Scientific name Allocasuarina dielsiana
Authority (C.A.Gardner) L.A.S.Johnson
First published in J. Adelaide Bot. Gard. 6: 75 (1982)

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Scientific name Authority First published in
Casuarina dielsiana C.A.Gardner J. Roy. Soc. Western Australia 22: 119 (1935-1936 publ. 1936)

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Language Common/alternative name
Persian مادهبلوط شمالی

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Database ID/link to page
World Flora Online wfo-0000526437
Tropicos 50218751
The Plant List kew-2629041
Open Tree Of Life 246730 430497
NCBI Taxonomy 228112
IUCN Red List 172665070
IPNI 909940-1
GBIF 2891900
EOL 636757
Elurikkus 325887
Wikipedia Allocasuarina_dielsiana

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