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Internal ID UUID64400827d5394004309229
Scientific name Airampoa tilcarensis
Authority (Backeb.) Doweld
First published in in Turczaninowia 5: 30. 2002.

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Airampoa tilcarensis is a type of Airampoa plant that is native to the Jujuy region in Argentina. It is a species that is unique to this area and is not found anywhere else. This plant is a significant part of the local ecosystem and plays an important role in the biodiversity of the region. Its discovery and classification provide valuable information for researchers and conservationists studying the flora of Jujuy.

Synonyms Top

Scientific name Authority First published in
Opuntia tilcarensis Backeb. Kaktus-ABC: 128, 411. 1936.
Tunilla tilcarensis (Backeb.) D.R.Hunt & Iliff in Cactaceae Syst. Init. 9: 11. 2000.
Tephrocactus tilcarensis (Backeb.) G.D.Rowley in Tephrocactus Study Group 12(3): 46. 2006.
Opuntia tilcarensis var. rubellispina Backeb. in Cactus (Paris) 75: 32. 1962.
Platyopuntia soehrensii var. tilcarensis (Backeb.) F.Ritter Kakteen Südamerika 2: 412. 1980.

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World Flora Online wfo-0000524768
IPNI 20011582-1
iNaturalist 870743
GBIF 3955723
Wikipedia Airampoa_tilcarensis

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