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Internal ID UUID643fce7980b4a194813944
Scientific name Aposeris foetida
Authority Less.
First published in Syn. Gen. Compos. : 128 (1832)

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Scientific name Authority First published in
Lapsana foetida F.W.Schmidt Samml. Phys. Aufsätze Böhm. Naturgesch. i. 264 (1795)
Hyoseris calyculata Poir. Voy. Barbarie ii. 229 (1789)
Lapsana taraxaconoides J.F.Gmel. Syst. Nat. ed. 13[bis] 2(2): 1571 (1792)
Hyoseris setulosa Guss. G. Gussone - in Candolle, Prodr. 7. 1838 80
Hyoseris setulosa Guss. ex DC. Prodr. 7(1): 80 (1838)
Cynthia montana Standl. Contr. U.S. Natl. Herb. 13: 356 (1911)
Hyoseris foetida L. Sp. Pl. : 808 (1753)
Lapsana taraxacoides Forssk. Fl. Aegypt.-Arab. : 145 (1775)
Bohadschia lucida F.W.Schmidt Samml. Phys. Aufsätze Böhm. Naturgesch. i. 279 (1795)
Cichorium aposeris E.H.L.Krause Deutschl. Fl. (Sturm), ed. 2. 14: 179 (1906)
Aposeris foetida Cass. Dict. Sci. Nat., ed. 2. [F. Cuvier] 48: 427. 1827 [Jun 1827]

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Language Common/alternative name
Azerbaijani aposeris
Belarusian апазерыс смярдзючы
Catalan aposeris
Czech razilka smrdutá
German hainsalat
German stinksalat
German stink-lattich
German stinkender hainsalat
German stinkkohl
German hainlattich
German drahtsengel
French aposeris
Croatian ognjičica
Italian lucertolina fetente
la hieracium foetidum
la dens leonis tenuissimo folio
Lithuanian aposeris
Latvian smirdīgā aposēre
Dutch aposeris
Polish sałatnica leśna
Portuguese aposeris
Romanian aposeris
Slovak razilka smradľavá
Vietnamese aposeris

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Varieties (abbr. var.) Top

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Subvarieties (abbr. subvar.) Top

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  • Europe
    • Eastern Europe
      • Baltic States
      • Belarus
      • Ukraine
    • Middle Europe
      • Austria
      • Czechoslovakia
      • Germany
      • Poland
      • Switzerland
    • Southeastern Europe
      • Italy
      • Romania
      • Yugoslavia
    • Southwestern Europe
      • France
      • Spain

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Database ID/link to page
World Flora Online wfo-0000081734
Tropicos 2700080
INPN 83234
Flora of Italy 6160
KEW urn:lsid:ipni.org:names:178194-1
The Plant List gcc-38276
Plantarium 42383
Open Tree Of Life 566378
Observations.org 125537
NCBI Taxonomy 379615
IPNI 178194-1
iNaturalist 130723
GBIF 3094355
Freebase /m/07s6dch
EOL 6263261
Elurikkus 2834
Wikipedia Aposeris

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Title Authors Publication Released IDs
Post‐glacial range formation of temperate forest understorey herbs – Insights from a spatio‐temporally explicit modelling approach Willner W, Wessely J, Gattringer A, Moser D, Záveská E, Dullinger S, Schönswetter P, Hülber K Glob Ecol Biogeogr 10-Apr-2023
Phytogeographic Characteristics of Montane Coniferous Forests of the Central Balkan Peninsula (SE Europe) Ilić T, Kuzmanović N, Vukojičić S, Lakušić D Plants (Basel) 22-Nov-2022
How to Protect Natural Habitats of Rare Terrestrial Orchids Effectively: A Comparative Case Study of Cypripedium calceolus in Different Geographical Regions of Europe Jakubska-Busse A, Tsiftsis S, Śliwiński M, Křenová Z, Djordjević V, Steiu C, Kolanowska M, Efimov P, Hennigs S, Lustyk P, Kreutz K( Plants (Basel) 20-Feb-2021
Ecological differentiation, speciation, and rarity: How do they match in Tephroseris longifolia agg. (Asteraceae)? Janišová M, Skokanová K, Hlásny T Ecol Evol 31-Jan-2018
Traits and climate are associated with first flowering day in herbaceous species along elevational gradients Bucher SF, König P, Menzel A, Migliavacca M, Ewald J, Römermann C Ecol Evol 20-Dec-2017
Suitability of Root and Rhizome Anatomy for Taxonomic Classification and Reconstruction of Phylogenetic Relationships in the Tribes Cardueae and Cichorieae (Asteraceae) Ginko E, Dobeš C, Saukel J Sci Pharm 27-May-2016
Anatomy of Subterranean Organs of Medicinally Used Cardueae and Related Species and its Value for Discrimination Fritz E, Saukel J Sci Pharm 02-Dec-2010

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