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Internal ID UUID643fe03f84d13756040462
Scientific name Laelia speciosa
Authority (Kunth) Schltr.
First published in Orchideen Beschreib. Kult. Zücht. : 233 (1914)

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Scientific name Authority First published in
Laelia grandiflora Lindl. Gen. Sp. Orchid. Pl. : 115 (1831)
Laelia majalis Lindl. Edwards's Bot. Reg. 25(Misc.): 35 (1839)
Bletia grandiflora Lex. Nov. Veg. Descr. 2(Orchid. Opusc.): 17 (1825)
Bletia speciosa Kunth Nov. Gen. Sp. 1: 342 (1816)
Cattleya grahamii Lindl. Gen. Sp. Orchid. Pl. : 116 (1833)
Cattleya majalis Beer Prakt. Stud. Orchid. : 212 (1854)
Laelia grandiflora var. alba Dimmock Amer. Gardening 22: 398. 1901
Amalia grandiflora Heynh. Alph. Aufz. Gew. : 29 (1846)
Amalia majalis Heynh. Alph. Aufz. Gew. : 29 (1846)

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Language Common/alternative name
Spanish bletia grandiflora
Spanish laelia majalis
Spanish laelia grandiflora
Spanish cattleya majalis
Spanish cattleya grahami
Spanish amalia majalis
Spanish amalia grandiflora
Spanish bletia speciosa
nah itzāmahuah
Russian Лелия специоза
Russian laelia majalis
Russian laelia grandiflora
Russian cattleya majalis
Russian cattleya grahamii
Russian bletia speciosa
Russian bletia grandiflora
Chinese 美丽蕾丽兰

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Database ID/link to page
World Flora Online wfo-0000222128
Tropicos 23521453
The Plant List kew-107072
Open Tree Of Life 850832
NCBI Taxonomy 123159
IPNI 134723-2
iNaturalist 140596
GBIF 5314544
Freebase /m/0d4jts
EOL 1142348
Wikipedia Laelia_speciosa

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Title Authors Publication Released IDs
Contribution of Morphoanatomic Characters to the Taxonomy of the Genus LAELIA (Orchidaceae) in Mexico and Their Implication in Environmental Adaptation Castellanos-Ramírez M, Rosas U, Guzmán-Ramos MC, Sandoval-Zapotitla E Plants (Basel) 01-Mar-2023
Phylogenetic endemism of the orchids of Megamexico reveals complementary areas for conservation Gutiérrez-Rodríguez BE, Vásquez-Cruz M, Sosa V Plant Divers 25-Mar-2022
Distribution and conservation of species is misestimated if biotic interactions are ignored: the case of the orchid Laelia speciosa Flores-Tolentino M, García-Valdés R, Saénz-Romero C, Ávila-Díaz I, Paz H, Lopez-Toledo L Sci Rep 12-Jun-2020
Exploring molecular evolution of Rubisco in C3 and CAM Orchidaceae and Bromeliaceae Hermida-Carrera C, Fares MA, Font-Carrascosa M, Kapralov MV, Koch MA, Mir A, Molins A, Ribas-Carbó M, Rocha J, Galmés J BMC Evol Biol 22-Jan-2020
Cultural, economic, and ecological factors influencing management of wild plants and mushrooms interchanged in Purépecha markets of Mexico Farfán-Heredia B, Casas A, Rangel-Landa S J Ethnobiol Ethnomed 20-Nov-2018
Physiological diversity of orchids Zhang S, Yang Y, Li J, Qin J, Zhang W, Huang W, Hu H Plant Divers 25-Jun-2018
Biomonitors of atmospheric nitrogen deposition: potential uses and limitations Díaz-Álvarez EA, Lindig-Cisneros R, de la Barrera E Conserv Physiol 13-Mar-2018
Anther development in tribe Epidendreae: orchids with contrasting pollination syndromes Valencia-Nieto B, Sosa V, Márquez-Guzmán J PeerJ 27-Feb-2018
What Is There in Seeds? Vertically Transmitted Endophytic Resources for Sustainable Improvement in Plant Growth Shahzad R, Khan AL, Bilal S, Asaf S, Lee IJ Front Plant Sci 23-Jan-2018
Ethnoecology of the interchange of wild and weedy plants and mushrooms in Phurépecha markets of Mexico: economic motives of biotic resources management Farfán-Heredia B, Casas A, Moreno-Calles AI, García-Frapolli E, Castilleja A J Ethnobiol Ethnomed 15-Jan-2018

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