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Internal ID UUID643fe03d1b6cd041578864
Scientific name Laelia autumnalis
Authority Lindl.
First published in Gen. Sp. Orchid. Pl. : 115 (1831)

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Scientific name Authority First published in
Laelia autumnalis var. atrorubens Backh. Garden (London, 1871-1927) 17: 378 (1880)
Laelia autumnalis f. atrorubens (Backh.) Halb. Orquidea (Mexico City) , n.s., 13: 294 (1993)
Laelia autumnalis var. xanthotrophis Rchb.f. Reichenbachiana 1: 21 (1888)
Laelia autumnalis f. xanthotrophis (Rchb.f.) Halb. & Soto Arenas Orquidea (Mexico City) , n.s., 15: 95 (1997)
Laelia venusta Rolfe Orchid Rev. 3: 47 (1895)
Bletia autumnalis Lex. Nov. Veg. Descr. 2(Orchid. Opusc.): 19 (1825)
Laelia autumnalis var. alba B.S.Williams Orchid Album 10: t. 451 (1893)
Laelia autumnalis f. alba (B.S.Williams) M.Wolff & O.Gruss Orchid. Atlas : 179 (2007)
Cattleya autumnalis Beer Prakt. Stud. Orchid. : 208 (1854)
Amalia autumnalis Heynh. Alph. Aufz. Gew. : 29 (1846)
Laelia autumnalis var. alba hort. Gard. Chron., ser. 3 2: 420 1889

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Language Common/alternative name
nah chīchīltictēpetzaucxōchitl
Russian Лелия осенняя

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  • Northern America
    • Mexico
      • Mexico Central
      • Mexico Northeast
      • Mexico Southwest

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Database ID/link to page
World Flora Online wfo-0000221951
Tropicos 23521383
The Plant List kew-106912
Open Tree Of Life 691904
NCBI Taxonomy 123157
IPNI 639553-1
iNaturalist 316694
GBIF 5314551
EOL 1142371

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Title Authors Publication Released IDs
Deciphering Protein O-GalNAcylation: Method Development and Disease Implication Yue S, Wang X, Ge W, Li J, Yang C, Zhou Z, Zhang P, Yang X, Xiao W, Yang S ACS Omega 24-May-2023
Contribution of Morphoanatomic Characters to the Taxonomy of the Genus LAELIA (Orchidaceae) in Mexico and Their Implication in Environmental Adaptation Castellanos-Ramírez M, Rosas U, Guzmán-Ramos MC, Sandoval-Zapotitla E Plants (Basel) 01-Mar-2023
Fungal Endophytes and Their Role in Agricultural Plant Protection against Pests and Pathogens Grabka R, d’Entremont TW, Adams SJ, Walker AK, Tanney JB, Abbasi PA, Ali S Plants (Basel) 30-Jan-2022
Plants Used as Antihypertensive Verma T, Sinha M, Bansal N, Yadav SR, Shah K, Chauhan NS Nat Prod Bioprospect 11-Nov-2020
Cultural, economic, and ecological factors influencing management of wild plants and mushrooms interchanged in Purépecha markets of Mexico Farfán-Heredia B, Casas A, Rangel-Landa S J Ethnobiol Ethnomed 20-Nov-2018
Ethnoecology of the interchange of wild and weedy plants and mushrooms in Phurépecha markets of Mexico: economic motives of biotic resources management Farfán-Heredia B, Casas A, Moreno-Calles AI, García-Frapolli E, Castilleja A J Ethnobiol Ethnomed 15-Jan-2018
Plant Lectins Targeting O-Glycans at the Cell Surface as Tools for Cancer Diagnosis, Prognosis and Therapy Poiroux G, Barre A, van Damme EJ, Benoist H, Rougé P Int J Mol Sci 09-Jun-2017
Factors affecting ethnobotanical knowledge in a mestizo community of the Sierra de Huautla Biosphere Reserve, Mexico Beltrán-Rodríguez L, Ortiz-Sánchez A, Mariano NA, Maldonado-Almanza B, Reyes-García V J Ethnobiol Ethnomed 27-Jan-2014
A phylogenetic study of Laeliinae (Orchidaceae) based on combined nuclear and plastid DNA sequences van den Berg C, Higgins WE, Dressler RL, Whitten WM, Soto-Arenas MA, Chase MW Ann Bot 07-May-2009

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