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Internal ID UUID643fe14d06565930837641
Scientific name Licuala montana
Authority Dammer & K.Schum.
First published in Fl. Schutzgeb. Südsee : 200 (1900)

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Database ID/link to page
World Flora Online wfo-0000227490
Tropicos 100215366
KEW urn:lsid:ipni.org:names:667913-1
The Plant List kew-112209
Open Tree Of Life 606758
Observations.org 408591
NCBI Taxonomy 1089986
IPNI 667913-1
iNaturalist 365570
GBIF 2736467
EOL 1140949

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Title Authors Publication Released IDs
Molecular Clocks and Archeogenomics of a Late Period Egyptian Date Palm Leaf Reveal Introgression from Wild Relatives and Add Timestamps on the Domestication Pérez-Escobar OA, Bellot S, Przelomska NA, Flowers JM, Nesbitt M, Ryan P, Gutaker RM, Gros-Balthazard M, Wells T, Kuhnhäuser BG, Schley R, Bogarín D, Dodsworth S, Diaz R, Lehmann M, Petoe P, Eiserhardt WL, Preick M, Hofreiter M, Hajdas I, Purugganan M, Antonelli A, Gravendeel B, Leitch IJ, Jimenez MF, Papadopulos AS, Chomicki G, Renner SS, Baker WJ Mol Biol Evol 30-Jun-2021

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