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Internal ID UUID643ff6bc4b5ab398170664
Scientific name Orlaya grandiflora
Authority (L.) Hoffm.
First published in Gen. Pl. Umbell. : 58 (1814)

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Orlaya grandiflora, also known as the white laceflower, is a type of flowering plant found in Mediterranean Europe. It is an annual plant that can grow up to 7.5 cm and has fern-like leaves. During the summer, it produces clusters of pure white flowers that resemble lace due to the uneven size of the individual florets. This plant has been awarded the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit and thrives in sunny, well-drained areas. When planted in large groups, it creates a stunning display of white lace-like flowers.

Synonyms Top

Scientific name Authority First published in
Lisaea grandiflora Boiss. Ann. Sci. Nat., Bot. , sér. 3, 2: 54 (1844)
Orlaya media Calest. Webbia 1: 266 (1905)
Platyspermum grandiflorum (L.) Mertens & W.D.J.Koch Deutschl. Fl. , ed. 3, 2: 360 (1826)
Caucalis grandiflora L. Sp. Pl. : 240 (1753)
Orlaya platycarpos Koch

Common names Top

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Language Common/alternative name
Arabic أورلايا كبيرة الأزهار
Bulgarian едроцветно срамливче
Czech paprska velkokvětá
German strahlen-breitsame
German groß-strahldolde
German großblütige strahldolde
German großblütiger breitsame
French girouille à grandes fleurs
French tribule-des-bois
French platyspermum grandiflorum
French orlaya à grandes fleurs
French hérissonnée
French girouille
French caucalis grandiflora
French caucalis à grandes fleurs
French caucalide à grandes fleurs
Hebrew אחיגזר
Hungarian nagyvirágú laputurbolya
Dutch straalscherm
Swedish blomsterkörvel
Chinese 苍耳芹

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Germination/Propagation Top

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Sow seeds at 20°C, expecting germination within 3 months without further temperature treatment.

Distribution (via POWO/KEW) Top

Legend for the distribution data:
- Doubtful data
- Extinct
- Introduced
- Native
  • Asia-temperate
    • Caucasus
      • Transcaucasus
    • Middle Asia
      • Uzbekistan
    • Western Asia
      • East Aegean Islands
      • Turkey
  • Europe
    • Eastern Europe
      • Krym
    • Middle Europe
      • Austria
      • Belgium
      • Czechoslovakia
      • Germany
      • Hungary
      • Netherlands
      • Switzerland
    • Southeastern Europe
      • Albania
      • Bulgaria
      • Greece
      • Italy
      • Kriti
      • Romania
      • Turkey-in-Europe
      • Yugoslavia
    • Southwestern Europe
      • France
      • Spain

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Database ID/link to page
World Flora Online wfo-0000384789
Tropicos 1700167
INPN 111297
Flora of Italy 3687
KEW urn:lsid:ipni.org:names:845513-1
The Plant List kew-2390188
Open Tree Of Life 357958
NCBI Taxonomy 40863
NBN Atlas NBNSYS0200002750
IPNI 845513-1
iNaturalist 209429
GBIF 3638282
Wikipedia Orlaya_grandiflora

Genomes (via NCBI) Top

No reference genome is available on NCBI yet. We are constantly monitoring for new data.

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Title Authors Publication Released IDs
Chemical Composition, Antitumor Potential, and Impact on Redox Homeostasis of the Essential Oils of Orlaya grandiflora from Two Climate Localities Vukic MD, Obradovic AD, Vukovic NL, Kačániová M, Djurdjevic PM, Djelic GT, Matic MM Molecules 11-Sep-2022
Strontium isotopes and concentrations in cremated bones suggest an increased salt consumption in Gallo-Roman diet Dalle S, Snoeck C, Sengeløv A, Salesse K, Hlad M, Annaert R, Boonants T, Boudin M, Capuzzo G, Gerritzen CT, Goderis S, Sabaux C, Stamataki E, Vercauteren M, Veselka B, Warmenbol E, De Mulder G Sci Rep 03-Jun-2022
An unknown hotspot of plant diversity in the heart of the Central Apennine: flora and vegetation outline of Mt. Pozzoni-St. Rufo valley (Cittareale, Rieti) Lattanzi E, Del Vico E, Tranquilli R, Farris E, Marignani M, Rosati L PhytoKeys 31-May-2021
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Parallel evolution of arborescent carrots (Daucus) in Macaronesia Frankiewicz KE, Oskolski A, Banasiak Ł, Fernandes F, Reduron J, Reyes‐Betancort J, Szczeparska L, Alsarraf M, Baczyński J, Spalik K Am J Bot 08-Mar-2020
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Medical ethnobotany of the Albanian Alps in Kosovo Mustafa B, Hajdari A, Krasniqi F, Hoxha E, Ademi H, Quave CL, Pieroni A J Ethnobiol Ethnomed 28-Jan-2012
Microsatellite isolation and marker development in carrot - genomic distribution, linkage mapping, genetic diversity analysis and marker transferability across Apiaceae Cavagnaro PF, Chung SM, Manin S, Yildiz M, Ali A, Alessandro MS, Iorizzo M, Senalik DA, Simon PW BMC Genomics 01-Aug-2011

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