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Internal ID UUID643fe09ac6bef713975566
Scientific name Lemna turionifera
Authority Landolt
First published in Aquatic Bot. 1: 355 (1975)

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Language Common/alternative name
English turion duckweed
Arabic لمنة برعمية
Czech okřehek červený
German rote wasserlinse
Estonian punatäpp-lemmel
Finnish itulimaska
Upper Sorbian Čerwjena kačizna
Dutch knopkroos
Norwegian Nynorsk strengandemat
Polish rzęsa turionowa
Swedish röd andmat
Chinese 鳞根萍

Subspecies (abbr. subsp./ssp.) Top

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Varieties (abbr. var.) Top

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Subvarieties (abbr. subvar.) Top

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Distribution (via Powo/KEW) Top

Legend for the distribution data:
- Doubtful data
- Extinct
- Introduced
- Native
  • Asia-temperate
    • Caucasus
      • North Caucasus
      • Transcaucasus
    • China
      • China North-central
      • Inner Mongolia
      • Manchuria
    • Eastern Asia
      • Japan
      • Korea
    • Middle Asia
      • Kazakhstan
      • Kirgizstan
    • Mongolia
      • Mongolia
    • Russian Far East
      • Kamchatka
      • Khabarovsk
      • Primorye
      • Sakhalin
    • Siberia
      • Krasnoyarsk
      • Yakutskiya
    • Western Asia
      • Turkey
  • Europe
    • Eastern Europe
      • Baltic States
      • Central European Russia
      • East European Russia
      • Krym
      • Ukraine
    • Middle Europe
      • Austria
      • Czechoslovakia
      • Germany
      • Hungary
      • Netherlands
      • Poland
    • Northern Europe
      • Great Britain
      • Norway
      • Sweden
    • Southwestern Europe
      • France
  • Northern America
    • Eastern Canada
      • New Brunswick
      • Newfoundland
      • Nova Scotia
      • Ontario
      • Prince Edward Island
      • Québec
    • North-central U.S.A.
      • Illinois
      • Iowa
      • Kansas
      • Minnesota
      • Missouri
      • Nebraska
      • North Dakota
      • Oklahoma
      • South Dakota
      • Wisconsin
    • Northeastern U.S.A.
      • Connecticut
      • Massachusetts
      • Michigan
      • New York
      • Ohio
      • Pennsylvania
      • Rhode Island
      • Vermont
    • Northwestern U.S.A.
      • Idaho
      • Montana
      • Oregon
      • Washington
      • Wyoming
    • South-central U.S.A.
      • New Mexico
      • Texas
    • Southeastern U.S.A.
      • Alabama
      • Kentucky
      • Maryland
    • Southwestern U.S.A.
      • Arizona
      • California
      • Nevada
      • Utah
    • Subarctic America
      • Alaska
      • Yukon
    • Western Canada
      • Alberta
      • British Columbia
      • Manitoba
      • Saskatchewan

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Database ID/link to page
World Flora Online wfo-0000224476
Canadensys 6492
Tropicos 18100090
INPN 105442
KEW urn:lsid:ipni.org:names:526224-1
The Plant List kew-109340
Open Tree Of Life 483443
Observations.org 16750
NCBI Taxonomy 161106
NBN Atlas NHMSYS0021003249
Nature Serve 2.141234
IUCN Red List 167881
IPNI 526224-1
iNaturalist 77656
GBIF 2867631
WisFlora 4039
EOL 1142155
Elurikkus 5428
Calflora (Californian flora) 4660
USDA GRIN 416564
Wikipedia Lemna_turionifera

Genomes (via NCBI) Top

No reference genome is available on NCBI yet. We are constantly monitoring for new data.

Scientific Literature Top

Below are displayed the latest 15 articles published in PMC (PubMed Central®) and other sources (DOI number only)!
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Title Authors Publication Released IDs
Transcriptomic and Functional Analyses of Two Cadmium Hyper-Enriched Duckweed Strains Reveal Putative Cadmium Tolerance Mechanisms Yang GL, Huang L, Yang X, Li Z, Liao HM, Mao K, Liu ZJ, Geng HY, Cao Q, Tan AJ Int J Mol Sci 29-Jul-2023
Sixth International Conference on Duckweed Research and Applications Presents Lemnaceae as a Model Plant System in the Genomics and Postgenomics Era Oláh V, Appenroth KJ, Lam E, Sree KS Plants (Basel) 28-May-2023
New Insight into the Function of Dopamine (DA) during Cd Stress in Duckweed (Lemna turionifera 5511) Wang W, Yang Y, Ma X, He Y, Ren Q, Huang Y, Wang J, Xue Y, Yang R, Guo Y, Sun J, Yang L, Sun Z Plants (Basel) 16-May-2023
The Antimicrobial Potential and Aquaculture Wastewater Treatment Ability of Penaeidins 3a Transgenic Duckweed Yang L, Luo X, Sun J, Ma X, Ren Q, Wang Y, Wang W, He Y, Li Q, Han B, Yu Y, Sun J Plants (Basel) 20-Apr-2023
Co-Occurrence of Taste and Odor Compounds and Cyanotoxins in Cyanobacterial Blooms: Emerging Risks to Human Health? Manganelli M, Testai E, Tazart Z, Scardala S, Codd GA Microorganisms 28-Mar-2023
Overexpression of the Phosphoserine Phosphatase-Encoding Gene (AtPSP1) Promotes Starch Accumulation in Lemna turionifera 5511 under Sulfur Deficiency Wang L, Kuang Y, Zheng S, Tong Y, Zhu Y, Wang Y Plants (Basel) 23-Feb-2023
Emission of cyanobacterial volatile organic compounds and their roles in blooms Zuo Z Front Microbiol 20-Feb-2023
Evidence for the role of sound on the growth and signal response in duckweed Ye Z, Yang R, Xue Y, Xu Z, He Y, Chen X, Ren Q, Sun J, Ma X, Hu J, Yang L Plant Signal Behav 12-Jan-2023
Rapid and Highly Efficient Genetic Transformation and Application of Interleukin-17B Expressed in Duckweed as Mucosal Vaccine Adjuvant Tan X, Chen S, Fang Y, Liu P, Hu Z, Jin Y, Yi Z, He K, Li X, Zhao L, Wang H, Zhao H Biomolecules 15-Dec-2022
DNA barcoding and biomass accumulation rates of native Iranian duckweed species for biotechnological applications Taghipour E, Bog M, Frootan F, Shojaei S, Rad N, Arezoumandi M, Jafari M, Salmanian AH Front Plant Sci 29-Nov-2022

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