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Internal ID UUID64404cc0779e1540628535
Scientific name Salvinia natans
Authority (L.) All.
First published in Fl. Pedem. 2: 289 (1785)

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In South America, S. natans is native to Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

Salvinia natans, also known as floating fern, floating watermoss, floating moss, or water butterfly wings, is an annual aquatic fern found in standing fresh water with plenty of sunlight and humid air. It is commonly found in Africa, Asia, central Europe, and South America, but has also been introduced to New York State and Massachusetts. The plant has two nickel-sized leaves that float on the surface of the water and a third submerged leaf that acts as a root. The leaves have air pouches and cuticular papillae to help with flotation and protect them from decay. S. natans can reproduce through spore cases and can cover entire ponds or lakes, disrupting the growth of other underwater plants. It is native to several continents, including Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America.

Synonyms Top

Scientific name Authority First published in
Trichomanes villosulum Wall. Numer. List : n.° 163 (1829)
Marsilea patens J.F.Gmel. Syst. Nat. ed. 13[bis] 2(2): 1322 (1792)
Marsilea salvinioides Neck. Acta Theod. pal. phys. 3: 297, t.21. 1775
Salvinia europaea Desv. Mém. Soc. Linn. Paris 6(2): 177 (1827)
Salvinia sprengelii Corda Monogr. Rhizosp. 10, t.2, f.12-23. 1829
Salvinia verticillata Roxb. Calcutta J. Nat. Hist. 4: 469 (1844)
Salvinia vulgaris Rupr. Distr. Cr. Vasc. Ross. 27. 1845
Marsilea natans L. Sp. Pl. : 1099 (1753)

Common names Top

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Language Common/alternative name
English water butterfly wings
English floating fern
English floating watermoss
English floating moss
Arabic سالفينيا سابحة
Belarusian Сальвінія плывучая
Bulgarian плаваща лейка
Czech nepukalka vzplývající
German gewöhnlicher schwimmfarn
German schwimmfarn
German gemeiner schwimmfarn
Persian سالوینیا ناتاس
Finnish kellussaniainen
French salvinie aquatique
French salvinie nageante
Hungarian vízi rucaöröm
Armenian Ծովոսպ լողացող
Japanese サンショウモ
Kazakh Жүзгіш сальвиния
Korean 생이가래
Lithuanian plūduriuojančioji plūstis
Macedonian пловечка водена папрат
Macedonian обична водена папрат
Dutch kleine vlotvaren
Polish salwinia pływająca
Romanian peștișoară
Russian Сальвиния плавающая
Slovenian plavajoči plavček
Serbian Непачка
Swedish simbräken
Ukrainian Сальвінія плаваюча
Uzbek suzuvchi salviniya
Chinese 槐葉蘋
Chinese 槐叶蘋
Chinese 槐叶苹
Chinese 娱蚣萍

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Subvarieties (abbr. subvar.) Top

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Forms (abbr. f.) Top

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Germination/Propagation Top

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Distribution (via POWO/KEW) Top

Legend for the distribution data:
- Doubtful data
- Extinct
- Introduced
- Native
  • Asia-temperate
    • Caucasus
      • North Caucasus
      • Transcaucasus
    • China
      • China North-central
      • China South-central
      • China Southeast
      • Hainan
      • Inner Mongolia
      • Manchuria
      • Qinghai
      • Tibet
      • Xinjiang
    • Eastern Asia
      • Japan
      • Korea
      • Nansei-shoto
      • Taiwan
    • Middle Asia
      • Kazakhstan
      • Uzbekistan
    • Russian Far East
      • Amur
      • Khabarovsk
      • Primorye
    • Siberia
      • Altay
      • West Siberia
    • Western Asia
      • Afghanistan
      • Iran
      • Iraq
      • Lebanon-Syria
      • Palestine
      • Turkey
  • Asia-tropical
    • Indian Subcontinent
      • Assam
      • Bangladesh
      • East Himalaya
      • India
      • Nepal
      • Pakistan
      • West Himalaya
    • Indo-China
      • South China Sea
      • Thailand
      • Vietnam
    • Malesia
      • Jawa
  • Europe
    • Eastern Europe
      • Baltic States
      • Belarus
      • East European Russia
      • Krym
      • Northwest European Russia
      • Ukraine
    • Middle Europe
      • Austria
      • Belgium
      • Czechoslovakia
      • Germany
      • Hungary
      • Netherlands
      • Poland
      • Switzerland
    • Southeastern Europe
      • Bulgaria
      • Greece
      • Italy
      • Romania
      • Turkey-in-Europe
      • Yugoslavia
    • Southwestern Europe
      • France
      • Spain

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Database ID/link to page
World Flora Online wfo-0001117304
Tropicos 26612122
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Flora of Italy 142
The Plant List tro-26612122
Missouri Botanical Garden 285999
PaleoBotany 1153
Open Tree Of Life 759053 7404
NCBI Taxonomy 42333
NBN Atlas NBNSYS0000163310
Nature Serve 2.791832
IUCN Red List 163996
IPNI 17219920-1
iNaturalist 168405
IFPNI A2F4B76C-79F4-4DDD-BE87-39DD5A5E65AE
GBIF 5274858
Freebase /m/0gmfqml
EOL 595218
Elurikkus 497807
USDA GRIN 102982
Wikipedia Salvinia_natans

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No reference genome is available on NCBI yet. We are constantly monitoring for new data.

Scientific Literature Top

Below are displayed the latest 15 articles published in PMC (PubMed Central®) and other sources (DOI number only)!
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Impact of Low Lithium Concentrations on the Fatty Acids and Elemental Composition of Salvinia natans Török AI, Moldovan A, Senila L, Kovacs E, Resz MA, Senila M, Cadar O, Tanaselia C, Levei EA Molecules 11-Jul-2023
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