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Internal ID UUID6440883dab468248675816
Scientific name Herzogiella seligeri
Authority (Brid.) Z.Iwats.
First published in J. Hattori Bot. Lab. 33: 374 1970

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Scientific name Authority First published in
Hypnum silesiacum F.Weber & D.Mohr Arch. Syst. Naturgesch. 1(1): 131. pl. 5. f. 2 1804
Dolichotheca seligeri (Brid.) Loeske Hedwigia 50: 244 1911
Isopterygium seligeri (Brid.) Dixon Skand. Bladmossfl. 489 1939

Common names Top

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Language Common/alternative name
English seliger's herzogiella moss
Czech kornice slezská
Danish stubpølsekapsel
Estonian kohev ebaulmik
Finnish kantohohtosammal
Dutch geklauwd pronkmos
Swedish stubbspretmossa
Chinese 长灰藓

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Database ID/link to page
World Flora Online wfo-0001186612
Tropicos 35168891
INPN 5984
The Plant List tro-35168891
Open Tree Of Life 1022283
Observations.org 17428
NCBI Taxonomy 140638
NBN Atlas NHMSYS0000310040
Nature Serve 2.121560
iNaturalist 163696
GBIF 2681920
EOL 925744
Elurikkus 5063

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Title Authors Publication Released IDs
The Bryophyte Flora of Vienna Zechmeister HG, Kropik M Plants (Basel) 20-Aug-2023
Possible Effects of Climate Change on the Occurrence and Distribution of the Rare Moss Buxbaumia viridis in Serbia (SE Europe) Pantović JP, Božović DP, Sabovljević MS Plants (Basel) 26-Jan-2023
Epiphytic Bryophytes in an Urban Landscape: Which Factors Determine Their Distribution, Species Richness, and Diversity? A Case Study in Wroclaw, Poland Żołnierz L, Fudali E, Szymanowski M Int J Environ Res Public Health 21-May-2022
The Habitat of the Neglected Independent Protonemal Stage of Buxbaumia viridis Guillet A, Hugonnot V, Pépin F Plants (Basel) 02-Jan-2021
Climate Variables Outstrip Deadwood Amount: Desiccation as the Main Trigger for Buxbaumia viridis Occurrence Kropik M, Zechmeister HG, Moser D Plants (Basel) 30-Dec-2020
Species diversity patterns in managed Scots pine stands in ancient forest sites Stefańska-Krzaczek E, Staniaszek-Kik M, Szczepańska K, Szymura TH PLoS One 11-Jul-2019
Under which humidity conditions are moss spores released? A comparison between species with perfect and specialized peristomes Zanatta F, Vanderpoorten A, Hedenäs L, Johansson V, Patiño J, Lönnell N, Hylander K Ecol Evol 08-Nov-2018
Performance of Forest Bryophytes with Different Geographical Distributions Transplanted across a Topographically Heterogeneous Landscape Dahlberg CJ, Ehrlén J, Hylander K PLoS One 11-Nov-2014

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