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Internal ID UUID643fe12f14731377238775
Scientific name Leptotes bicolor
Authority Lindl.
First published in Edwards's Bot. Reg. 19: t. 1625 (1833)

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Scientific name Authority First published in
Leptotes glaucophylla Hoffmanns. Verz. Orchid. , ed. 2: 54 (1843)
Leptotes serrulata Lindl. Sert. Orchid. : t. 11 (1838)
Tetramicra bicolor Rolfe Gard. Chron. , n.s., 20: 20 (1883)
Tetramicra serrulata G.Nicholson Ill. Dict. Gard. 4: 30 (1887)
Leptotes bicolor var. glaucophylla Hook. Bot. Mag. 66: t. 3734 (1839)
Leptotes bicolor var. serrulata Stein Orchid.-Buch : 307 (1892)

Common names Top

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Language Common/alternative name
Spanish leptotes glaucophylla
Spanish tetramicra bicolor
Spanish leptotes serrulata
Spanish tetramicra serrulata
Chinese 双色筒叶兰

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Distribution (via Powo/KEW) Top

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- Native
  • Southern America
    • Brazil
      • Brazil Northeast
      • Brazil South
      • Brazil Southeast
    • Southern South America
      • Paraguay

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Database ID/link to page
World Flora Online wfo-0000226842
Tropicos 23521839
KEW urn:lsid:ipni.org:names:640431-1
The Plant List kew-111560
Open Tree Of Life 168968
NCBI Taxonomy 123165
IPNI 640431-1
iNaturalist 538843
GBIF 5310500
Freebase /m/065z0d2
EOL 1141061
Wikipedia Leptotes_bicolor

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Scientific Literature Top

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Title Authors Publication Released IDs
Genome-wide identification and comparative analyses of key genes involved in C4 photosynthesis in five main gramineous crops Chen L, Yang Y, Zhao Z, Lu S, Lu Q, Cui C, Parry MA, Hu YG Front Plant Sci 13-Mar-2023
Natural Products from Madagascar, Socio-Cultural Usage, and Potential Applications in Advanced Biomedicine: A Concise Review Mesa CL, Ranalison O, Randriantseheno LN, Risuleo G Molecules 27-Jul-2021
Comparative Proteomic Analysis of Differential Responses of Pinus massoniana and Taxus wallichiana var. mairei to Simulated Acid Rain Hu WJ, Chen J, Liu TW, Simon M, Wang WH, Chen J, Wu FH, Liu X, Shen ZJ, Zheng HL Int J Mol Sci 12-Mar-2014
A phylogenetic study of Laeliinae (Orchidaceae) based on combined nuclear and plastid DNA sequences van den Berg C, Higgins WE, Dressler RL, Whitten WM, Soto-Arenas MA, Chase MW Ann Bot 07-May-2009

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